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Leadership And Management


Ashley started her career in the lending industry in 2003 before discovering her true passion in real estate sales. She has been blessed to help numerous clients with the purchase and sell of their properties and has been able to use her versed knowledge in various related fields: credit repair, insurance, notarial, and the lending industry to assist her clientele through the transactional process. Her dream was always bigger though, in 2011, she obtained her Broker's license with a vision of owning a real estate company and was one of the youngest Broker/Owners with RE/MAX in 43 years of existence. In early 2020, she decided to open a boutique real estate office...

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Realtor/Property Manager

Breanna Marchant joins us with nearly a decade’s worth of real estate experience; her passion for the business sprouted at the age of 10! With a background in property management, Breanna Marchant handles both rentals and sales with ease; she’s handled over 1,000 doors in residential, commercial, and apartment buildings! Having grown up with her family here in North County, Breanna Marchant is truly a San Diego native, and right at home with our fantastic neighborhoods, cities, and schools. Her life revolves around her daughter, Alyssa, and Olde English Bulldog, Joe. She’s passionate about the live music scene here in San Diego, reading, and going to the movies.

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